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Skilled Temporary Employment

The Social Security Administration defines skilled work as requiring:

…qualifications in which a person uses judgment to determine the machine and manual operations to be performed in order to obtain the proper form, quality, or quantity of material to be produced.

In most cases, skilled temporary employees are required to perform job duties that require estimating quality, determining suitability of needed quantities of materials, or making other changes and adjustments as needed in order to complete work at a higher level of complexity. This kind of work usually (though not always) involves dealing with other people, facts, figures, or ideas at a higher level when compared to unskilled temporary employment.

Examples of skilled temporary employees include:

  • • Certified Forklift Operators
  • • Printing Operations
  • • Administrative Assistants
  • • Electricians
  • • And More!

Helping Skilled Employees Find Work

Forklift Electrician Tools
Clerical Worker Industrial Worker

At The Staffing Alliance, we help skilled workers find temporary employment in jobs that are best suited to their individual skills. We also offer skills assessments and other evaluative services to help ensure mastery of certain skills as employees prepare for on-the-job training.

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