Unskilled Temporary Employment

The Social Security Administration (SSA) defines a skill as knowledge of a task that requires judgment and is attained through job performance. This information enables potential employers to better evaluate your skills to determine the scope of work you are actually able to do as classified by the SSA.

The SSA classifies the different skill levels of jobs into the following categories:

  • Unskilled Work
  • Semi-Skilled Work
  • Skilled Work

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How the SSA Defines Unskilled Temporary Work

The Social Security Administration defines unskilled work as:

…work which needs little to no judgment to do simple duties that can be learned on the job in a short period of time. The job may or may not require considerable strength…

An example of unskilled temporary employment may be one in which the person can learn to do the job within 30 days or less with little vocational preparation or supervision needed. A factory worker or loading dock workers are two examples.

Usually (though not always), unskilled temporary workers do not gain significant work skills while on the job.

Helping Unskilled Employees Find Work

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